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How do I schedule Holidays when my business will be closed?
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Date Created
5/14/2012 1:54:33 PM
Date Updated
10/2/2014 11:15:08 AM
Our business closes down on certain days throughout the year. How can I make sure no appointments can be scheduled on those days?
You use Business Exception Hours to schedule holidays.

Watch the video, http://youtu.be/I5Ww5rmxU5w

Or read the step by step instructions:

This is easiest to manage if you put all your Holidays in one exception.

To do that, go to the Administrator,

Select the Business tab on the Left and the Exception Hrs tab on the right
Under the Exception Detail screen, click the Add Button
Enter a Name, such as 2013 Holidays
Click the Add Date button and choose the first Holiday (For example, January 1)
Holding the control key down, scroll through the calendar and select
all other dates for which your business will close
Click the Save Date button under the calendar
Click the Save button at the lower right

The image below shows what you should see after all your dates are entered. In the Dates and times window, you will see a list of all your holidays and the word "closed" after the dates. You can check this list to make sure all your dates have been entered correctly.

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