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How do I schedule Holidays when my business will be closed?
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Date Created
5/14/2012 1:54:33 PM
Date Updated
2/8/2021 11:49:34 AM
Our business closes down on certain days throughout the year. How can I make sure no appointments can be scheduled on those days?
You use Business Exception Hours to close off holidays as follows:

Go to the Receptionist
Select the Availability button (top right)

Blue panel: Make selections
Select Business (You must be an Administrator user to access this option.)
Select the option Daily Hours (exceptions)
Choose the option Multi-dates
Now go through the calendar and select up to 30 dates you want to change for holidays.
Clicking once will add a date to the selected dates.
Clicking a second time will remove it.

When finished, click View in the green panel.
(If you don't see the view option then make sure you have everything selected:
Business + Daily Hours w/ Multi-dates + dates on the calendar.

Click Edit.
Now adjust your business hours for the selected dates.
In this example, many days are closed. Some days end early or start late.

Save when done.

Notice**: Dates where exceptions occur have a white background. When you see this, you will also have an action Clear Exceptions. This is a great new feature. It allows you to switch exceptions off and on, then save the one you want.
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