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Add a New Staff Member
The following instructions are for adding a staff member or resource to an existing scheduler. If you setting up your scheduler for the first time, please see Set up Staff . You may need to upgrade your subscription in order to support multiple staff. See Update Subscription. Then follow these instructions to define a staff person.

To add a Staff/Resource
Go to the Administrator
Select the Staff tab on the top left
Click the Add button under the Staff Detail pane over halfway down the left panel.
Enter a Display Name. This is the name that will be shown in the scheduler.
Enter the First name.
Enter the Last name.
Enter the email address where you would like to receive email notifications of appointments.
Click the Save button.

You will also need to assign the services that the staff can be scheduled for.
Go to the Administrator.
Select the Service tab top left
Select the Durations tab top right
Select the name of the service from the panel on the left
Select the Duration of service from the list on the right
Click the Edit button
Click the box next to the staff name in the Assign Staff list. A green checkmark will appear.
Save your changes.

You also need to define the schedule of availability for the new Staff. See Staff Hours - Regular Hours Set Up.
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