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Set Up Instructions for Testing Centers
The trial period grants you full access to all of our software at any subscription level for free. Set it up and use it as much as you want. It is free for the trial period at no risk to you. You may cancel at any time or simply let the trial expire.

Set Up Steps

You can also view a video of the testing center set up here:

First complete the following minimum set up. All steps below can be accessed from the menu
on the Welcome Screen at https://www.flashappointments.com/admin/welcome.cfm. You will
be asked to log in. Once the set up is complete you can begin scheduling!

1. Update Subscription for Testing Centers
2. (Optional) Add Locations.
2. Define Business settings. See Administrator - Business tab.
3. Define Business Hours. See Administrator - Business tab + Regular Hrs tab.
4. Set Up Testing Seats
5. Add a Test (Testing Centers)
6. Define a test's Duration (Testing Centers)

Administrator, Receptionist and Staff Access

All features are accessible from the Welcome Screen. A link to the Welcome Screen is available on
the top right corner of the Flash Appointments homepage, labeled Your Account. For quick access you
may wish to bookmark this link in your browser: http://www.flashappointments.com/admin/welcome.cfm

Client Scheduler

Once you have completed your account set up, you are ready to schedule. To allow your clients to access the scheduler see Integrating the Client Scheduler into a website.

Thank you for trying the Flash Appointments online scheduling software!

PS: Don't forget to ask. Just submit your questions at http://flashappointments.crmdesk.com/ask.aspx
Or, sign up for a free coaching session at https://www.flashappointments.com/scheduleACoach.cfm
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