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Add a Test (Testing Centers)
Use Service Menu Layout to build a hierarchical menu of tests you want to schedule online. It is up to you to decide how you want to organize the tests. However, if you offer a wide range of tests we recommend you organize them in folders and sub folders representing test types, subject area, etc. Here is an example of a scheduler that supports Class Tests, DSST and CLEP.

Choose the Service Menu Layout option on the Welcome Screen (https://www.flashappointments.com/admin/welcome.cfm)

To create a new folder, see Create a Folder (Testing Centers)

Add a test in 2 steps

Step 1.
(Optional) Select and highlight the Folder to contain the test
Click the Add button at the bottom and choose the Service option
Enter a Menu Label - the name as it appears in the scheduler
(Optional) Enter a Description - it appears in the scheduler and can be configured to be shown in Custom Email Notifications.
(Optional) Services are Public by default. Check "Private" if you want it to be available only for internal, Receptionist users.
Enter the Service Type Full Name - the name as it appears in emails.
(Optional) Check the Client Info box
AND fill in the Client Info Prompt to ask the client for additional information. The response is stored in the Notes field of the appointment. Example: "Enter your zip code:"
Select Save

Step 2. Define a test's Duration (Testing Centers)

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