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How to provide maps to your location
Adding a map link to your location in your emails is a great way to customize your email confirmations and reminders. All you need is to the the URL, (i.e. web address) and paste it into your email.

To use Google maps, go here https://maps.google.com/
Enter the address in the search field.
When the address is shown click the Share option.
(A small window will popup with the URL for your map.)
Select the Short URL option to get a shorter version of the URL.
Copy this URL.

To set up your email notifications see, Overview of Email Notifications, or Setting up Targeted Email Notifications if you are using Targeted Notifications.

In Flash Appointments find the email you want to change.
Edit it and paste the link into the Body of the email.
Click Save

Click here to see a sample customized email confirmation:

You can also embed a map to your location on your website. This can be included on the same page where you scheduler is embedded, or any other page, such as your End Page URL.
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