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Targeted Notifications - Create a Follow Up Email Template
A follow up email template determines the content and timing of an email to be sent after an appointment is marked "Show". It can optionally be tied to specific services, allowing you to precisely target your customers with the right information at the right time.

They can be useful in many ways:

• Get repeat business: A certain period of time after an appointment, send a reminder to your customer that it’s time to schedule her next appointment.
• Improve your service: A day or two after an appointment, send a customer survey.
• Just say thanks: Right after an appointment send your client a note thanking them for their business.

To set up a follow up notification, from the Welcome Screen:
Click on Targeted Notifications
Click the Add button
Enter a label for the email template, ex. "Checkup Reminder"
Choose the Follow Up option
Specify the amount of time AFTER the appointment has been marked SHOW that you want to send the follow up. Enter the number of Weeks, Days, Hours, AND/OR Minutes (see, Show / No Show)
(Optional) Select a service(s) in the Service Filter window if this email should be sent only for a specific service(s)
Click the Next button
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In the To field, enter the key for the client’s email address (^clientEmail)
Enter a Subject. Make the subject something specific so that it does not look like junk in the users email folder.
Enter the content you want to appear in the body of the email. If you are following up with your customer in order to remind them to schedule another appointment, it’s a good idea to include the name of the service and the link to your scheduler using the corresponding substitution keys; ^svcName and ^clntSchedURL
Click the Save button
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