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Email a document or form
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Date Created
2/11/2014 10:25:56 AM
Date Updated
4/13/2021 7:25:16 PM
How do I include a document or form with my emails?
We recommend that you just add a link to the document(s) in the confirmation and or reminder email templates.

If your site does not host the document, many sites offer this as a free service including Google.

To use Google, get a free Google account and log in
Go to Google Drive at https:/‎/drive.google.com
Click the "New" button and select "File Upload"
After you upload the document you'll see it in the document list
Right click your mouse on the document
Select "Get a shareable link"
Click on the link and copy it, on Windows this means simultaneously press the Ctrl+C keys on your keypad

Now in the Flash Appointments Administrator
Choose the Email option (top right menu)
Select the Client Confirmation email or Client Reminder email from the list
Click Edit
Paste that link into the Body of the email (on windows, simultaneously press Ctrl+V keys on your keypad)
The shareable link will appear in the email body.

As always, create a test with your email as the Client Email address to make sure it looks the way you expect!

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