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Find missing / deleted appointment
Flash Appointments
Date Created
2/22/2016 9:37:30 AM
Date Updated
2/9/2021 7:57:59 AM
How do I find a missing / deleted appointment?
First, look for the appointment to ensure that it is really gone.

In the Receptionist
Find and Select the Client for the appointment in the top right panel
Click the History button
(A pop-up will list that client appointments)
If the appointment is in that list, select it and click Go To button
The appointment details are shown.

If the appointment is not found in the Receptionist,
From the Welcome Screen select Deleted Appointments Report
(Located in the top Reports section)
In the form select a date range that is inclusive of the missing appointment's date.
You may want to broaden the date range in case of uncertainty for the exact date.
Click the Run Report button on the bottom right

A report will appear showing many details including the date appointments were deleted,
and which type of user deleted the appointment.
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