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Parent Teacher Conference Set Up
From the Welcome Screen
Open Administrator - flash free
The menu on the top left takes you to different elements

1. Choose Staff/Resources from the menu to review and update staff. See Set up Staff for details.

2. Choose the Services option to review or update the services. See Set up Services for details.
- Click the small black triangle to expand a service to see it's duration
- Choose the icon to the far right of the Duration
- Make sure all staff that can be scheduled are selected

3. Choose Availability Manager to set dates and times for conferences.

- Blue panel: Make selections
Select Business
Select the option Daily Hours (exceptions)
Under Daily Hours
- Choose Multi-date
- Select dates for the conferences.

- Green panel: Choose an action or change selections
(When your selections in the blue panel are complete. You'll see actions in the green panel. Initially the only action is View.)
Click the View button

(The selected schedule will appear. The View button is replaced by Edit)
Click the Edit button
(Hours will appear)
Click and drag mouse to highlight hours for the conferences.

Finally, set Staff Hours
- Blue panel:
Select Staff and choose a staff name
Leave Daily Hours as you did for the Business Hours.
Click the View button.
Click the Edit button.
Click and drag mouse to highlight hours for the conferences.

If other staff share these same hours,
Click the Copy To button
(A check list of staff appears)
Check the staff you want to have these same hours.

That should be it! The Copy To feature is a new one we're excited about. It is designed to save lots of time for folks like you who are setting up parent teacher conferences.
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3/23/2021 10:02:21 AM
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