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Receptionist Overview
The Receptionist is the center for managing your day to day tasks: Scheduling appointments, changing appointments, cancelling appointments, updating client information and seeing an overview of the day. You can also click the Availability button on the top right to access the Availability Manager where you'll set your Business Hours and Staff Availability.

It has 3 panels; "Appointments" on the top left, "Clients" on the top right, and the schedule panel across the bottom.


Initiate appointment related actions in the top left Appointments panel including "Add" to add a new appointment, "Edit" to reschedule or update an existing appointment, and "Delete" to remove an appointment from the schedule.

When you Add an appointment you must make several selections.
Choose a date on the calendar.
Choose a service from the drop down under the calendar.
When those choices are made, appointment openings will appear in the schedule panel across the bottom.
Click one to select the staff and time for the appointment.
Finally, select a client from the panel on the top right.
Click the Save button in the Appointments panel under the appointment details.


Initiate client related actions in the top right Clients panel including add a client, edit a client and view the appointment history for a client.

Use the search fields beneath the client list to find a client by either first name, last name or email. Type your search text in the area to the right of the select-a-field drop down. The client list will show the matching clients. Clear the search text to clear the search results.

Click the Add button to add a new client.
Enter client details in the form to the left of the client list.

Click on a client to select it.
Review client details to the left of the client list.
Click Edit to update

Click the History button to view the appointment history for the selected client.

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