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Set up Services in the Administrator
Note: Services may also be set up using the Service Menu Layout. See, Set up Services.

To set up Services using the Adminstrator:

Go to the Administrator
Select the Service tab on the top left
Select the Add button that is under the Service Detail window
Enter a Name for the Service in the Name field
(Optional) Enter a Description for the Service, this description will appear on the Client Scheduler when that service is selected

- Check Private to make the service available only in the Receptionist Desktop and not the Client Scheduler.
- Check Off-Site to prompt the client to enter the address for the appointment
- Check Client Info box AND enter a prompt in the Client Info Prompt field to ask the client for information. The response is stored in the Notes field of the appointment. Example: "Are you experiencing neck or back pain?"

Click the Save button at the bottom of the screen.

Repeat this process until all Services have been added.

See also Set up Service Durations in the Administrator

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