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Staff Hours - Weekly Hours (Regular hours)
To set up Staff Regular Hours:

Open the Receptionist.
Select the Availability button on the top right.

Make selections in the blue panel:
(For Admin users only) Select the Staff option
(For multiple staff accounts only) Select the Staff name from the drop down

Select the option Weekly Hours (sun-sat) option

When your selections in the blue panel are complete. You'll see actions in the green panel. Initially the only action is View.
Click the View button
(The selected schedule will appear.)

Click the Edit button.
(If you have multiple locations, be sure to first select the correct location!)
Click and drag the mouse to highlight the hours of availability.
Save when updates are complete.

Notice**: If you have multiple staff, you'll have an option to Copy To. This allows you to copy one staff schedule to another staff schedule. This is great time saver when you have a bunch of staff that have the same schedule.
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