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How Do I Schedule Recurring Appointments?
Flash Appointments
Date Created
8/24/2008 11:32:58 AM
Date Updated
9/13/2012 12:10:31 PM
How Do I Schedule Recurring Appointments?
To watch the video go to:

To schedule Recurring Appointments, from the Welcome Screen:

Select the Receptionist in the Operations section
Click the Add button in the top right panel "Review appointment detail"
Select the Client from the top left panel "Select a client" (or add the client if they are new)
Select the first appointment date on the calendar
Select a Service
Select an Opening, i.e. staff and time for the initial appointment
Click the Recur button in the top right panel
(A popup is displayed)
Select recurring parameters
- "monthly" or "weekly"
- specify frequency "Every x months/weeks"
- for weekly specify the day of the week
- for monthly specify the weekday occurence
- enter the total number of recurring appointments to schedule.

Your client will receive one email confirmation which lists all the appointments you scheduled.

This is an intensive operation and can cause the software to appear to hang. It should be okay to schedule up to 20 appointments at a time.

Click the image below to see an example of a recurring appointment that has been set up to occur once a month on the 3rd Wednesday, for 12 months:

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