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Build a Multi-level Service Menu
You may want to organize services by category. In the multi-level service menu a folder represents a category of service. The folder can contain other folders or services.

For example, a spa might have a folder named "Massage" that contains services "Swedish Massage", "Sports Massage", and so on.

Each service has 2 components; the Service and its Durations. For example, "Swedish Massage" may have 2 Durations options; 50min for $65, and 80min for $120. Our demo scheduler here shows this:

To build a service menu with folders:
From the Welcome Screen (https://www.flashappointments.com/admin/welcome.cfm)
Select Service Menu Layout
Select the Folder to contain the new folder (ex. "Service Menu Top")
Open Add in the green footer menu
(Optional) Enter a Description
Enter a Menu Label as you want it to appear on the scheduler
(Optional) Folders are Public by default. Uncheck "Public" if you want the folder and it's contents to be available only for internal, Receptionist users
Click Save

To set up services see, Set up Services
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