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Creating Business Exception Hours
To create Business Exception Hours

Go to the Administrator
Select the 'Business' tab on the top left
Select the 'Exception Hrs' tab on the top right
Click the 'Add' button on the right panel under the 'Exception Detail' list
(The window is redrawn with the Exception Hrs Detail Editor)

Enter a label for the exception in the 'Name' field, i.e. "March 2017 overtime"
Click the 'Add Date' button under the 'Dates and times' list
Select one or more dates you want to modify
Click the Save Date button under the calendar
(The selected dates will appear in the Dates and times list.)
By default the system assumes that the exception is to be "closed" on those dates.
If that is correct click the 'Save' button on the bottom right and you are done.
Otherwise, select one or more dates from the 'Dates and times' list that will have the same open hours.
Click the 'Edit Time' button under the 'Select work times' table
Now select the hours during which the selected dates should allow appointments.
Click the 'Save Time' button.
Repeat for the other dates in the 'Date and times' list
Click the 'Save' button on the bottom right to save the 'Business - Exception Hrs' set.

Also see How do I schedule Holidays when my business will be closed?

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