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Set up Service Durations in the Administrator
After Setting up your Services (Set up Services in the Administrator), you must define one or more Duration for each. This tells the system how much time to block off on the schedule.

You may block off time before and/or after the appointment to allow the staff member to prepare for or wrap up after the appointment.

The Staff Total Time must be evenly divisible by the Appointment Interval. The Appointment Interval is a very important setting on the account. It is the smallest unit of time recognized for account. All service durations, business hours and staff hours are defined in multiples of the Appointment Interval. (See Administrator Business tab).

To set up the Service Durations:

Go to the Administrator
Select the Service tab on the top left
Select the Durations tab on the top right
Select the first type of service from the list on the left labeled Service Detail
(the name of the service will appear at the top of the right panel)
Click the Add button on the RIGHT panel
Enter the amount of time the client spends in the appointment in the Client Duration fields
(optional) Enter the amount of time the Staff needs before the client arrives in the Staff Lead Time fields
(optional) Enter the amount of time the Staff needs after the client leaves in the Staff Post Time fields
Enter a price for the service duration. Enter 0 (zero) to omit a price.
Check the names of the staff who will offer that service and can be scheduled for it in the Staff Assignment area.
Click the Save button on the bottom RIGHT.

Continue this process until you have set up durations for all your services and assigned the appropriate staff members.

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