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Staff Hours - Exception Hours Set up
Staff exception hours are used to set up Time off and Overtime on a Staff schedule

To set up Staff Exception Hours
[NOTE: Staff hours, including exceptions, always fall within Business Hours. If you want to open up time on a certain date you may need to open up business hours first.]

Go to the Receptionist Desktop
Click the Schedule Staff button on the top right
Under Staff Schedule select 'exceptions (time off/overtime)'

For multiple staff accounts only:
- Select the staff name
- You must select a staff even if the staff name is already showing.
- [Click the black triangle next to the staff name, open the drop list.
- Now select a name from the drop list.
- The Edit button is enabled once a name is selected.]

Select a date on the calendar that marks the beginning of the date range for the exception.
Click the Edit button under the Select times table
Select unscheduled gray time blocks to highlight and add overtime.
Select scheduled highlighted time blocks to gray-out and take time off.
(Note: highlighted blocks always indicate open, or available, times)
Blocks with a mark through them represent appointments. These blocks cannot be selected for time off.
(The appointment must be changed in order to mark these times as time off.)
Click the save button to save your changes
Updates can be made in blocks of 1 week.

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