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Business Hours Overview
Business hours constrain the availability of ALL staff schedules. Business hours are comprised of Business Weekly Hours (Regular hours) and Business Daily Hours (Exception hours).

There is one set of Business hours that apply to all locations. If you have multiple locations make the business hours wide open to satisfy all of them.

Business Weekly Hours define a regular weekly schedule. Business Daily Hours define date specific hours. If you do not have regular business hours you can rely solely on daily hours. If you do have regular weekly hours, the more specific daily hours will override them.

Daily hours are also used to close the business for holidays. Closed dates cannot be selected on the calendar for scheduling.

Closing the business for specified times automatically makes all staff unavailable. Opening the business for overtime still requires you to specify staff overtime to tell the system which staff accept appointments during the overtime period.

See Business Weekly Hours (regular hours)
See Business Daily Hours (exception hours)

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