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Show / No Show
The Show / No Show status of an appointment may be updated as long as the appointment is on the current date or in the past.

Go to the Receptionist.
Select the appointment.

An appointment can be selected in 2 ways
1) When you know the date, time, staff, client
Click the date on the calendar,
Click the bar representing the appointment by locating the staff and scanning right to the appointment time

2) When you know the client, date, time
Select the client name in the Select a client panel on the upper left panel
Click the green book icon on the top right, a popup lists all the appointments for the client
Select the appointment
Click the 'Go To' button on the bottom of the popup

A green check-mark and red ex-mark appear ("Review appointment detail" top right panel)
Click the check-mark to indicate that the client showed.
Click the ex-mark to indicate that the client did not show.
The corresponding mark appears on the appointment button ("Select an appointment" grid)

This status is visible in the Receptionist, Daily/Weekly Report and Appointments Report.

Watch the video, http://youtu.be/9vd7VzKmsUM
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