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Add User - Set Up Access for Internal Users
You can Add Staff, Receptionist or Administrator Users in the Administrator.
(To set up clients with a username and password see Require Client Login Option)

Go to the Administrator
Select the Business tab on the top left
Select the Users tab on the top right
Click the Add button under the User Detail list
If the person is a Staff person that accepts appointments, select his/her name in the Staff drop down list
Enter a Login Name
Enter a password in the New Password field
Retype the password in the Confirm New Password field
Select a Role for the User (see Types of user below)
Click the Save button

Types of user:
Staff - Report: Only sees only the Daily/Weekly Report for himself/herself
Staff - Manage Hours: includes Daily/Weekly Report + setting his/her own work schedule
Staff - Full: includes the Manage Hours + can also manage his/her own appointments
Receptionist: Access to Daily/Weekly Report for all staff + full Receptionist access to all staff
Receptionist + Reports: All Receptionist functions + Appointments Report + Deleted Appointments Report + Client Report
Administrator: All Receptionist + Reports functions + Administrator access + Invoicing access

*It is highly recommended to allow people the most restricted level of access needed.

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