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Add User - Set Up Access for Internal Users
You can Add Staff, Receptionist or Administrator Users in the Administrator.
(To set up clients with a username and password see #36#)

Go to the Administrator
Select the Users option from the hamburger menu on the top left
Click the Add button
Enter a User Name
Select a role (see below for role option details)
Enter a password in the New Password field
Retype the password in the Confirm New Password field
(The user should change this when initially logging in)
If the person is a Staff person that accepts appointments, select his/her name in the Staff drop down list
Click the Save button

Staff - Report Only: sees only the Daily/Weekly Report for himself/herself
Staff - Manage Hours: includes Daily/Weekly Report + setting his/her own work schedule
Staff - Full: includes the Manage Hours + can also manage his/her own appointments
Receptionist: Access to Daily/Weekly Report for all staff + full Receptionist access to all staff
Receptionist + Reports: All Receptionist functions + Appointments Report + Deleted Appointments Report + Client Report
Administrator: All Receptionist + Reports functions + Administrator access + Invoicing access

*It is highly recommended to allow people the most restricted level of access needed.

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